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Forklift Hire at GKT

Gary Keville Transport LTD are the established leader in Ireland for providing heavy haulage and self loading / offloading solutions to logistics and construction management across a wide range of sectors. GKT provide forklift rental for your heavy lifting requirements

Located in Dublin's Docklands

GKT are based in Dublin’s Docklands, and offer country wide delivery and collection of heavy lift forklifts.


Forklifts for Heavy Lifting

We offer forklifts from 9 tonne to 15 tonne, and will have the right forklift to suit your specific needs. Every client has different requirements and GKT will tailor each hire to suit your specific needs.

Delivery and Collection

With a wide range of heavy lift trucks and specialized trailer equipment, we will deliver your forklift to your chosen destination anywhere Ireland, offload the forklift and provide the driver to operate the equipment. At the end of the hire period the machinery will be loaded onto our machinery transport trailer and delivered back to our base in Dublin’s docklands.


Our highly experienced team of mechanics at GKT, with years of experience maintaining heavy lifting equipment, will ensure that all of our forklift fleet will be regularly serviced and kept in pristine condition, ready for every hire period, and will be inspected and serviced after, to be ready for the next hire period.

What We Offer

GKT forklift hire specialize in the hiring of lifting equipment, specifically heavy lifting equipment. With over 25 years as leaders in the heavy haulage industry GKT are experts in the area and can offer a full delivery and collection service anywhere in the country, and we provide a highly trained expert driver to operate your hired forklift.

Every client’s needs are different. We can tailor your forklift hire to suit your own needs. As well as delivery, off and on-loading, collection and provision of a forklift operator, we can provide transport for your lifted equipment should it be required.

Our experience in the heavy lifting and transport industry is second to none, and health and safety is always at the forefront of our business at all times.

Our Work Flow



With our large range of heavy haulage tractor units and trailers, we will transport your forklift and offload at the site of your choice.

Operator Hire

Our experienced forklift operators will be on hand to operate the machinery for the duration of the hire period



We will load the forklift onto our machinery transporter at the end of the hire period and transport it back to our base in Dublin’s Docklands.

Why Choose GKT?

With 25+ years experience in the industry, GKT are well equipped to provide each of our clients with a fully tailored solution that matches the client’s needs exactly.

We offer heavy duty forklifts from 9 to 14+ tons, a collection and delivery service, and provide an expert forklift operator with every forklift. At GKT we have pioneered a ‘total transport concept’, a system which allows the client to save money and time and can be applied to our forklift hire. As well as delivery and collection, we can provide a full transport service for the items that are to be lifted.

Safety is at the forefront of everything that GKT do, and we can advise our clients on safety regulations that relate to any lifting project they may be undertaking.

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